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The Pilgrims who sailed to America onboard the Mayflower displayed a rare example of Christian faith and zeal for God's kingdom. Using imagery from the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth, Massachusetts—MONUMENTAL PRAYERS reflects on the inspiring 400-year-old testimony of these early believers to encourage modern-day Christians in their walk of faith.

Reflecting on the topics of Faith, Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty—discover how the Pilgrims were able to endure trials and joyfully serve God as Christians in an often-hostile world. As individuals, church members, and citizens at Plymouth Colony, discover how God used this small band of faithful followers to impact a nation—and how you can too!

Each section opens with a profile of the Pilgrim legacy before moving into a time of personal devotion inspired by Martin Luther's practice of praying from and through Scripture. Beginning with an opening prayer of Worship, the reader is guided through prayers of Confession, Petition, and Intercession and concludes with a prayer of Thanksgiving. Each prayer focus features a generous selection of Scripture for mediation, with topic prompts to help guide your prayers. 

Ideal for personal or small group studies, MONUMENTAL PRAYERS combines the legacy of the Pilgrims with Luther's discipline of praying the Scriptures to help you pray God's will for yourself, your family, and the nation. Based on the eternal truth of God's Word, which stands firm in every generation—MONUMENTAL PRAYERS encourages ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things by partnering with God in prayer. 


"Monumental Prayers is far the most inspirational, practical and timely devotional I have ever read! Using the actual Forefathers Monument as a guide, this book brings to life the legacy of the Pilgrims, those forefathers (and mothers) who lived their lives in faithfulness to Biblical truths that grounded a new Nation. Every section of this devotional overflows with history, scriptures, and intercessory prayers that are truly Holy Spirit inspired! I greatly recommend that EVERY follower of Christ read this devotional daily to build a solid foundation for the days we live in, rather than building on the shifting sand of our present culture." - Barbara, Cape Cod, MA

"The devotional is wonderful. I spent the last three days going over every page, reading and praying over every topic and adding much more to my daily prayers. It is a wealth of information. There were many things I did not even know. I admire the Pilgrims for their steadfastness in God's Word. It was such a rich enlightenment to my heart and soul."  - Alberta, Puyallup, WA

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