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“Against the tide of today’s cancel culture, the Forefathers Monument victoriously stands in Plymouth as a testament to the true history of our nation and the values which gave it birth. With absorbing depth, readability and thoroughness, this book sheds wonderful light on the historic context and meaning of what is perhaps the most hidden treasure of our nation. For anyone who desires to learn about the core of our nation’s founding, the Forefathers Monument is a must-see and this guidebook is a must-read.” - Dr. Peter Sang Chin, Professor, Dartmouth College

The Forefathers Monument

“We have a special founding heritage in this country, and I wish more Americans could see the Forefathers Monument and learn the profound symbolism of its components. Your guidebook taught me so much, and it exceeded my expectations in providing facts and information. In my opinion, it should be in every public and private school in the country, and on the military’s professional reading list. You did a fantastic job providing examples of the Pilgrims’ faith and of God’s Divine intervention. It's an incredible resource for Americans who want to know the beginnings of their true heritage and the principles behind it.” - Joe, Texas

The Forefathers Monument

“Moving and illuminating! Meticulous research, a fresh narrative voice, and an impressive compilation of photos and historic sources make this a fascinating read. An important book that helps uncover this important but forgotten monument and the almost-forgotten legacy of the Pilgrim forefathers in our nation.” - Rev. David Um, Chaplain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

The sarcophagus at Cole's Hill, Plymouth, MA

"One of the most inspiring books

I have ever read! It captures the heart, mind, and zeal of our Pilgrim forefathers! So beautifully crafted… full of unknown historical facts and majestic photography. It fills my heart with pride for the great sacrifices of our ancestors. This book will be a cherished part of my library… I can't wait to read it to my children!" - James, Michigan

“The guidebook is exceptionally written, designed, and filled with so much history of our Democratic Republic. I love it. It is exquisite. The minute it arrived I sat down and began reading it. The attention to detail… the photos, the layout, the ease of reading… all speaks to the loving work that has gone into this. This will now become birthday gifts for my children and grandchildren and great granddaughter in future years... what a beautiful way to educate them—they will be captured by it.” – Janet, Connecticut


“What a thorough, visually inspiring, and much overdue book on the National Monument to the Forefathers! I have been personally taking groups of college and graduate students to visit this remarkable, egregiously overlooked Monument that symbolizes the true roots of America’s history. As I often remind them, “history humbles you.” May this wonderful book inspire many more generations to remember and return to God.” – Dr. Rebekah Kim, Chaplain, Harvard University, Massachusetts

The Forefathers Monument
The Pilgrims leave Holland for America

“Through great dimension, depth and a compelling personal touch, this book leaves the reader in awe - marveling at a nation and a people vulnerable, yet relentless in pursuit of their ideals, grounded in their faith. The Forefathers Monument is a precious gem, and this book magnifies its stunning and hard-fought beauty in a way that no other book does. We've enjoyed and shared this book with three generations of family because it gives voice and reminds us of the sacrifices paid for our liberties and the values upon which our nation was built, lest we forget.”  - Amy Kao, Esq., Massachusetts


“It was such a joy to read this beautiful guidebook after visiting the impressive Forefathers Monument in Plymouth. This book answers so many questions on the history of the pilgrims and the rich symbolism of this little-known monument. I was deeply inspired by the guidebook, and encouraged to imitate the faith of the pilgrims, who understood what true liberty is. I will be sharing this guidebook with my children, so that they too can be inspired by the history of this nation and the convictions and sacrifices on which it was built.” – Dr. Stephanie Cho, Massachusetts

"A remarkable guidebook!  It is stunning; beyond expectation—extremely well done! It needs to be enjoyed, read, studied, and taught to anyone who doesn't know the story... a great addition to the American coffee table." - David, Washington, D.C.


“I love that you have breathed life into the history and education of this monument, this book has brought me so much joy. It is so appropriate for our current times, especially for our teens, to fully understand what America really stands for. Every church and faith-based organization should have this guidebook as a required resource for foundational understanding of how God intended this country to be.” - Cassandra, Illinois

The National Monument to the Forefathers

"What an amazing job you have done. I have been reading it slowly to absorb the information and enjoying it immensely. It needs to be in every school so that the students and parents will know the truth of the founding fathers and the hope of America's foundation." - Ellie, Rhode Island


“Visually stunning and wonderfully informative - this book is a treasure trove for our national heritage and identity. From history enthusiasts to curious page-flippers, everyone will be inspired by the story behind the Forefathers Monument and the lives of the Pilgrims.” - Dr. Thomas Chen, Massachusetts

“An amazing book! Filled with beautiful pictures and illustrations, it details the birth of our nation through the perseverance and courage of the Pilgrims. Their story of sacrifice is truly inspirational; the guidebook provides a stunning window into that history and makes me proud to be a part of it.” - Dr. Peggy Chen, Massachusetts

The Mayflower II in Plymouth, MA

“I love the guidebook. It's become our only living room coffee table book already. My wife just started reading it this morning and said it's a history primer that every American needs to have.” – Tom, Pennsylvania

The Forefathers Monument at sunset with an American flag


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