In this essential guide to an iconic national monument, experience the Pilgrim story as you've never heard it before! With sweeping photography, first-person accounts, and inspiring quotes from America's greatest leaders—learn how the legacy of the Pilgrims influenced the birth of a nation. In their own words, discover how the Pilgrims overcame all odds to pursue faith and freedom at Plymouth Colony—and changed the course of human history!

Forefathers Monument Guidebook

- Dr. Jerry Newcombe 


"After thousands of years in history where kings and tyrants ruled by force, how were a small band of Pilgrims able to establish self-government at Plymouth Colony? What formed the basis for their laws, education, and liberty? The Forefathers Monument Guidebook offers a fascinating look at this historic monument through the remarkable story of the Pilgrims. It is breathtakingly beautiful, with majestic pictures, classic portraits and inspiring quotations. If you want to learn how the Pilgrims paved the way for America's future freedoms—you need to read this book."

- William J. Federer 

Best-selling author, historian, national speaker and host of the American Minute radio broadcast 

William Federer
Rod Gragg

"Through the Forefathers Monument Guidebook, author Michelle Gallagher tells the story of America's Pilgrims with a fresh, distinctive, and memorable approach. Graced by its handsome design and impressive collection of illustrations, it aptly preserves the ageless legacy of the Pilgrims and the history of a matchless and iconic American work of art."

- Rod Gragg

Historian, speaker, and award-winning author of The Pilgrim Chronicles, Forged in Faith, and Covered With Glory.

“There are books, and then there are books. Michelle Gallagher has put together one of the most beautiful coffee table books I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. I highly recommend the Forefathers Monument Guidebook. It is a tremendous keepsake of a book, filled with beautiful photos and text. The book documents the incredible ways the Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth in 1620 carried with them the seeds of the future nation. Just about everything anyone needs to know about Plymouth, Massachusetts, can be found in this wonderful book.”

- Dr. Jerry Newcombe 

Jerry Newcombe

Best-selling author, Producer of “The Pilgrims” in the Foundation of American Liberty series, and Executive Producer of

Leo Martin

"Michelle Gallagher has created much more than a guidebook to the Forefathers Monument. This book tells the story of a small band of families that covenanted together as a church movement to form a society based on Biblical law with God as their Sovereign. It is often thought that the Pilgrims had an exceedingly small effect on the founding of our country and were insignificant to the development of our nation. They were not wealthy materially but brought with them an uncompromising spirit. This spirit enabled them to covenant to each other and God to form an unbreakable bond. Their love of family and their faith in God gave them the courage to stand for the freedoms you find when you have God as your Lord and live by Biblical law. With this book, Michelle Gallagher has resurrected the Pilgrims to their rightful place in history. This book is beautifully done and should be in every home in America."

- Leo Martin

Author, historian, and Director of Education at the Jenney Interpretive Center in Plymouth, Massachusetts


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